Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Angel Mother

"All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother" -Abraham Lincoln

I felt the need to share my feelings about my beautiful mother.  While no words that I can write will ever express the love I feel for her, I'm going to try.  My mom has been my best friend for as long as I can remember.  She is the best listener.  She has always been there to laugh with me and cry with me. I call or text her everyday. I talked with her about everything-school, boys, marriage, then kids, recipes, church, the list goes on and on.  She truly cares about the little everyday things that happen in my life.  The amazing thing is that it wasn't just me.  She cares about EVERYONE.   Every person she met felt loved.  While going through so much pain and suffering on a daily basis she is the first to ask you how you are doing and what is happening in your life.  She remembers everyone's name and little details of their lives.  She never complains and always has a smile on her face.  She is the most amazing person I know.  She truly lived a Christ-like life.  I want to be like her in every way. I feel privileged, honored, and grateful to have her for my mother in this life and for eternity.  Love you Mom!!

Our Eternal Family

 Theresa Hyde 
March 10, 1963-January 10, 2012
  On Friday, January 6, 2012 our mother was admitted to the hospital.  She had completed two chemo treatments and it had really taken a toll on her.  She was very weak and tired and was having a harder time breathing.  My dad took her to the hospital with the intention of getting her fluids, rest, and maybe a blood transfusion.  When they arrived her heart rate was very high and they couldn't get it to come down.  They ordered scans and tests.  The doctor came in with the results and had taken the time to look over 8 years of mom's cancer history.  He told her that she was a miracle. He said there was mass around her heart and that the tumors had taken over her lungs to the point that it was hard to see healthy lung tissue in the scans.  He told her that they could take heroic measures- meaning pounding her chest and putting a breathing tube in- if she wanted them to, but he told her that he wouldn't feel right doing this.  He said that she had fought heroically and deserved to rest. Our mother accepted this and was at peace with her decision.
The doctors made sure that she had lots of morphine and that she was comfortable.  The morphine helped to take away the "air hunger" that she was experiencing because of the tumors. As friends and family started to find out what was going on, visitors started showing up.  It was an amazing thing to watch.  Even though she was weak, and talking and breathing at the same time took effort and energy, she called each visitor to her bedside and shared a special memory she had with them. She expressed her love and admiration for each person that came to see her.  She was so strong.  She didn't cry.  When people came in saying, "I'm so sorry" or "This shouldn't be happening to you", she assured them that all was well.  She knew where she was going and that she would be happy there.  Many people expressed that they felt they were on hallowed ground when visiting with her.  In the three days that she was hospitalized before she passed she had over 60 visitors! On top of those visitors she was able to Skype with her parents in Idaho, her brother and his family, and her son, Elder Hyde, who is serving in the Australia Adelaide mission.  What a blessing modern technology is!  As my mom talked with Alden they expressed their love to each other.  My mom told him how proud she was of him and that she wanted him to stay there.  She told him that the mission is where the Lord and his mother wanted him to be.  She told him that he will be able to bear an undeniable testimony of the Plan of Salvation.  She said that he will touch people that no one else could because of his experience.  He expressed excitement that she will not have to wait for an email every Sunday to hear how he is doing and what he is up to because she will be there watching over him.  She promised him that she would be there.
Over the three days in the hospital my mom declined rapidly.  Each day her talking became more difficult. She slept more and talked less.  We feel so blessed to have spent three days with an angel.  We were able to listen to her as she gave us advice, we were able to express our love, and remind each other of the many memories that we have and will never forget. At 12:30a.m. on Tuesday morning, January 10, 2012 my mother passed away peacefully. She was able to gather us around her and say goodbye a final time. We held her hands as she left this mortal life.  We will  miss her immensely but we are so happy for her.  She is having a grand reunion with many loved ones and is free from any pain and suffering.  We are so grateful for the knowledge that ours is an eternal family.  We will see our sweet mother again and that knowledge provides comfort and peace. 
Theresa Hyde Obituary


My mother is amazing.  Just barely over a month before my mom passed she watched my kids for three days and then flew out with them to Hawaii.  We had a blast and although she was in pain most of the time, she swam with kids, sat on the beach, and enjoyed the Polynesian Cultural Center.  She truly made the most of every second she was given on this earth!  She is my inspiration.  Just wanted to share some pictures of our trip.

Neighborly Love

Hello! This is Britney, Theresa's daughter.  As most of you probably know my mom passed away a few weeks ago.  (More on that in a moment).  I know that she would want to give recognition to the many friends and neighbors who donated time and money to build a playground for my parent's backyard.  Here is what she said about it on her Facebook page:

A Christmas Surprise!
I was washing a dish in the sink as I caught a glance of something different outside the window. Just then Shane walked in and got accused of scheming this big surprise, He denied and blamed me. Who would have thought of such a wonderful gift for us. Our hearts are filled with the love and charity for touching lives and sharing this with us. Many thanks to so many of you!

This was truly an amazing gift.  On the front of the roof of the playhouse it says, "Grandma's Playhouse" and on the back, "Keep Trying, Do Your Best, Never Ever Give Up".  I love that my kids will think of their wonderful grandma whenever they are swinging, sliding, or climbing.  They will also be reminded of the wonderful legacy she left for them of never giving up!   For those of you who had a hand in this wonderful gift-THANK YOU.  Not only from my mom, but from me, and her grandkids.  This is a priceless gift you have given.  We love you all!

This is a thank you card that she asked me to make just days before she passed.  She never saw it but she told me exactly what she wanted them to say.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Stitches of Love by Gwen Rich

Gwen came to visit today and brought a wonderful gift with her.  She crocheted this beautiful blanket.  She put a warm minkie material on the back of it.  It is so warm and wonderful.  As I cuddle under it I feel her love, knowing her hands touched each strand of yarn.  I feel very loved and blessed to have a friend like Gwen.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November 30, 2011

November has been a wonderful month to reflect on all that is good. I am ready for December and celebrating Christmas.
I am thankful for two darling grandchildren that have spent the last three days with me while their parents are in Hawaii. Ty said to me yesterday, Gramma, thanks for taking care of us. Brielle is full of hugs and kisses. I love being a grandma. I am so thankful for them at this time in my life.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November 29, 2011

I am thankful for Chantel's children. They are three of my wonderful grandchildren. They live down south so it is hard to get to see them often. We were able to see them over the weekend. I love their loves and hugs. They have been so concerned for me, and they are always so careful not to hurt me. I love Connor, Chloee and Corbin. Grandchildren are the best.